DBS Bank

DBS Bank

Considered in the category of Indian Private Sector Bank and providing services in the fields of personal banking, business banking, and wealth management, this institution has a highly developed online banking system. This feature of DBS Bank will help you save time in your transactions. Both personal loans and business loans can be withdrawn quite easily. In addition, the loan structuring or installment options of the loans are quite flexible. You can review the other services of the institution by reading the rest of the article.

DBS Bank Benefits

Saving Accounts

Within the scope of personal banking services, DBS Bank enables individuals to open saving accounts. Especially those who love to save money, DBS Bank can be a good option. Because within the banking sector in India, this bank offers one of the saving accounts with the highest interest rate. With online convenience, you can get a DBS Bank saving account in just 90 seconds. Moreover, the interest rate you can benefit is at least 6 percent.

Easy Money Transfer

Thanks to DigiBank’s technology, sending and withdrawing money will be easy. You can use Digibank technology to send money safely to overseas countries or to easily receive money from overseas. The transfer is completed on the same day. No extra fee is required. The process is completed very quickly and does not require procedural steps.

Interest Rates

The interest rates of the loans offered by the institution in different categories vary between 4 percent and 6.7 percent.

Mutual Funds

You can get Mutual Funds by using Digibank technology. This allows you to manage your resources in a more organized and controlled manner.

Auto Renewal Feature

Auto-renewal on maturity option is offered by the institution. In this way, the payment process continues automatically.


What are the features and benefits of having a personal loan from DBS Bank?

You can have an idea about your loan eligibility instantly. You can progress all the DBS Bank loan application process 100% digital and paperless. You can have your Personal Loan interest rates determined in a competitive way and according to your banking transaction history. In addition, you can have flexible loan tenures (From 12 months to 60 months).

What are the eligibility criteria for having a personal loan from DBS Bank?

You should have a minimum of 22 and a maximum of 60 for a personal loan from DBS Bank. You can be Salaried or Self Employed. Minimum of INR 20,000.

DBS Bank


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  • There is a good auto-renewal feature of the bank
  • Easy money transfer will help you to send money easily.
  • Saving accounts are beneficial.


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