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RBS Bank is one of the popular banking systems in the Foreign Bank category. This bank, which provides services to its users within the framework of sustainable banking philosophy, is a bank that gives extra value to the feedback of its users and makes the services to change the scope of this feedback. The RBS Bank has high budget projects on environmental awareness. It is possible to examine various analyzes and researches on issues such as operating environment, direct environmental footprint on the official bank website. The options offered by the RBS Bank to its users, especially within the scope of the loan, are quite diverse.

RBS Bank Benefits

Premature Withdrawal Options

RBS Bank offers a wide range of services especially in the context of premature withdrawal options. With this system, transactions such as withdrawing money at any time and paying your loan at any time within the scope of debt reduction are really easy.

Good Points in the Crisil Rating System

The RBS Bank has 4.5 out of 5 points under the Crisil Rating System.

Interest Rates

The interest rates offered by the Bank for different loans are very suitable. Although the interest rates of different loans vary, it is possible to say that when the average is calculated, interest rates vary between 3.5% and 3.75%.


The advantages of the RBS Bank in terms of 3 basic services are quite high. These services can be listed as Saving Account Interest Rate, Term Deposit Rates – Resident Customers, Term Deposit Rates – Non Resident Customers. With these services, you will be able to save money very quickly. When you save money in your time-saving accounts, your money will increase rapidly thanks to the high-interest rate. Moreover, as the money rate in your account increases, the interest rate you will benefit will increase.


RBS Bank


Interest Rate


Customer Care


Online & Mobile Banking





  • Good interest rates.
  • Good customer care.
  • Online and mobile banking opportunities are very good.
  • Loans are beneficial.


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