PSB BANK Reviews



Considered in the Public Sector Bank in India category and highly customer friendly, PSB Bank is known for its particularly advantageous credit cards. Punjab & Sind Bank is an active bank in categories such as digital banking, social banking, international banking, financials, and bill pays. The services the organization provides to its customers abroad are also extremely popular. Read the rest of the article to learn about the services and benefits.

PSB Banks Benefits

High-Interest Rates in Debit Accounts

You can have an active debit account. In addition to this account, you have the chance to have savings accounts that will help you make money with high-interest rates. These accounts allow you to save money on a target within a short period. You can give names like “car money” to your savings account!

Government Schemes

You can apply to Punjab & Sind Bank for information about Government Schemes, to issue reports or for other transactions. For example, the Punjab & Sind Bank provides services such as the Public Provident Fund (PPF), Pension Account, Senior Citizen Scheme, Sukanaya Samriddhi Scheme.


You can benefit from the different types of loans offered by the institution. These types of loans in the category of Personal Loans can be taken for different purposes such as marriage, education, travel, and enterprise. The average interest rates on loans vary between 4% and 7.30%.

High Score in Crisil Rating

In the Crisil Rating system, the score of Punjab & Sind Bank is 5 out of 5.


In this bank, you can benefit from auto-renewal on maturity.

Other Services

All services such as Excise and Service Tax, Direct Tax / Income Tax, CST / DVAT Payment, Commercial Taxes, Gove of Tamilnadu are provided by the bank. Besides, you can take advantage of various discounts on tax payments via the bank. Therefore, you can choose this bank as an individual or as a company.



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