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Meet a brand new bank that is evaluated in the Public Sector Bank category and offers active services in areas such as deposit schemes, loan schemes, paying online, digital banking, investor relation! With BOM (Bank of Maharastra), your banking transactions can now be performed much faster, advantageously and practically. Moreover, you can meet your cash needs in a short period of time or save money quickly thanks to the advantages such as Partial withdrawal, tax savings and NRO deposit friendly. In order to do all this, you do not have to go to the bank branch. Thanks to advanced technological methods you can quickly complete your transactions over the internet.

Bank of Maharastra Benefits

Multiple Account Options

Here some of the account alternatives in Bank of Maharastra: Saving Deposit, Saving Account, Current Deposit, Term Deposit. You can create demand for different services as a personal customer or as a corporate customer. You can make these requests online or by going directly to the bank branch.

Earn Extras with Bill Paying

It is possible to make any invoice payments or regular tax payments through the Bank of Maharastra system. Thanks to the automatic payment instructions you create on the system, you will be relieved of your bill payment responsibility in a very short time. What’s more, you’ll earn extra bonus points if you create your direct bill-paying orders via the Bank of Maharastra system. In the fields of Investment Management and Consultation, you can get services as an individual or an institutional customer. Some of the services offered in this category are Qualified Institutional Placement, Financial Results, Annual Reports, Shareholding Pattern, Corporate Governance.

Reasonable Interest Rates

The interest rates requested for different loan alternatives may vary. Generally speaking, it is preferred by many people because of the very reasonable interest rates. Interest rates ranging from 6% to 6.25% are offered for loans.

BOM (Bank of Maharastra) FAQs

BOM (Bank of Maharastra)


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  • There are multiple account options in the bank.
  • Earn extra bonus points with paying bills.
  • Reasonable interest rates.


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