Canara Bank

Canara Bank

Canara Bank is described as a Public Sector Bank. When the services of this bank are examined, it is easily understood that it is a highly developed bank especially in terms of online facilities. There are also many banking services that you can only access using your smartphone. You will receive these banking services through the official bank application. Canara Bank is a bank that gives priority to students and offers them a very advantageous educational loan. In addition, this bank offers various advantages to users in the areas of partial withdrawal, premature withdrawal, and tax savings.

Canara Bank Benefits

Good Crisil Rating Score

The score obtained by the Canara Bank in the Crisil Rating system is 4.5 out of 5.

Advantages for Consumers

The Canara Bank offers its customers various advantages, especially in terms of home loan alternatives. It is now easier to own a home thanks to loan options with low-interest rates and high maturity.

Obtaining a POS Device

It is possible to get service from Canara Bank within the scope of both business banking and personal banking. For example, you can obtain a POS device from this bank for your workplace and receive your customers’ payments in cooperation with Canara Bank. In this context, the minimization of the taxes requested and the reduction of costs will contribute to your company.

NRO Deposit-Friendly

With NRO deposit-friendly options, you’ll love deposit savings in the Canara Bank! This option will save you money.

Interest Rates

Interest rates in NRI FD transactions range from 6% to 6.5%. In other transactions, interest rates range from 4.2% to 7%.

Automatic Payments

Thanks to Canara Bank, you will be free from any responsibility for utility payment bill options! You can easily pay your bills by creating automatic payment instructions with your Debit cards.

Canara Bank FAQs

What are the rules and advantages of saving accounts received from Canara Bank?

Canara bank is also advantageous in terms of saving account options. The interest rates offered for these accounts were 4,00%. The deposit rate you have in your account is minimized. The deposit rates you need to keep in your account determined as Rs. 1,000 for metro city, urban and semi-urban branches and Rs. 500 for Rural branches.

What are the tenure range and deposit range determined by Canara Bank?

The tenure range in Canara Bank is 7 Days to 10 Years. The deposit range ratio is determined as Up to ₹ 1Cr.

Canara Bank


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  • Reasonable interest rates.
  • Good automatic payment options.
  • Providing high quality POS devices to businesses.


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