SC Bank (Standard Chartered)

SC Bank Reviews

Meet a new generation bank in the Foreign Bank category. SC Bank is known as Standard Chartered. This bank, which is highly developed especially in terms of online banking services, is preferred by both students, businessmen, and adults in other occupational groups. Thanks to the 24/7 Phone Assistance service, SC Bank can create a high level of satisfaction for all its customers. With SC Bank you can change your spending habits in a very short time.

SC Bank Benefits

Meet Your All Sudden Cash Needs

With premature withdrawal options, users can meet all of their sudden cash needs at very low-interest rates. Moreover, in addition to low-interest rates, reasonable maturity periods are available for these withdrawal alternatives.

Online Banking

If you wish to take advantage of a debit card or credit card options, you can create a quick pre-application by clicking on the instant application via the SC Bank online banking system.

Low Tax Rates

The tax rates offered by the SC Bank are quite low. There are no high interest on the loans you receive or the credit card debts you pay. In this way, you can easily start saving in a very short time.

Auto-Renewal on Maturity

Thanks to the auto-renewal on maturity option, you will feel much more comfortable and secure in your debt payment processes.

Interest Rates

The interest rates offered by the SC Bank are very reasonable. In general, interest rates for different types of loans vary between 6.5% and 6.85%.

The quarterly compounding option is available for different transactions within the bank.

SC Bank, a prestigious bank, has 5/5 points over the Crisil Range system.

High Security

Due to the high-level security measures, it offers in online banking and other banking transactions, individuals who want to invest at a high rate generally prefer SC Bank.

SC Bank FAQs

SC Bank


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Customer Care


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  • Good interest rates.
  • Good customer care service of the bank.
  • Mobile and online banking system is good.


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