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Janata Sahakari Bank Reviews

Janata Sahakari Bank is a very prestigious bank in India which is considered a cooperative bank. Janata Sahakari Bank, which offers different opportunities for students, adults and retired individuals, is frequently preferred for this reason. It is known that the bank which has a yearly compounding option is very advantageous especially in terms of loan options.

Janata Sahakari Bank Benefits

Loans and Interest Rates

Janata Bank is very advantageous in terms of housing loan options. The interest rate of housing loans that can be up to a maximum of 50 Lacs, varies between 8.5% and 8.65%. 85% of the agreed price of the house is provided by the bank. The rights of both the bank and the consumer are protected by the Simple Mortgage of the Property Agreement.

The biggest advantage of the bank is that loans in different categories can be obtained against the deposit amount. This enables a more advantageous credit withdrawal. Anyone who is an Indian citizen can apply for these loans.

Supports Online Transactions

The Janata Sahakari Bank supports online transactions. In this way, you can complete most of your work without having to wait in line at the bank branch.

Save Money with Minimized Taxes

In addition, the tax rates required by the bank have been minimized. This way you can save money.

Student Loans

With the Janata Eduflex Loan option, you can also apply for a loan as a student. You can apply for this loan, which you can use for your travels or educational expenses, with your parents.

NRO Deposit Friendly

At the same time, the Janata Sahakari Bank is able to provide a high degree of convenience to the users thanks to its NRO deposit friendly options. Therefore, those who want to attract high-rate loans prefer this bank.

Janata Sahakari Bank FAQs

Janata Sahakari Bank


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Customer Care


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  • Loans and interest rates are very good.
  • Customer care service is good.
  • There are loan opportunities for students.


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