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Considered in the Public Sector Bank category and popular with very favorable interest rates, KTDFC Bank offers advantageous offers in the fixed deposit area. The organization also offers different services such as the Periodic Interest Payment Scheme (PIPS) or the Money Multiplier Scheme (MMS). The fixed deposit options offered by the KTDFC Bank have many benefits. We will examine them together in the rest of the article. In addition, it is possible to say that the institution provides convenience to users in partial withdrawal and premature withdrawal areas.

KTDFC Bank Benefits

Interest Rates

We have stated that the services offered by the KTDFC Bank especially in the fixed deposit area are very advantageous. In this sense, the institution provides earning interest rates of up to 8.25%. In this way, you have the chance to increase your money very quickly. So it may make sense to have a personal account from KTDFC Bank. Furthermore, if you have a deposit rate of more than 25 Rs Lakhs, 25 percent is added to the interest rate you earn. This allows you to earn extra money.

The interest rates provided by KTDFC Bank for general transactions and loans vary between 8% – 8.50%.

Fixed Deposit Opportunities

To take advantage of KTDFC fixed deposit opportunities, you must go to KTDFC offices. You have to submit the forms given here. Then you can easily win fixed deposits.

The deposit range requested by the KTDFC Bank is determined as Up to ₹ 1Cr.

Avail of loan facility is provided by the KTDFC Bank up to 75% of principal and interest.

Credit & Credit Card Applications

Your different credit or credit card applications are evaluated by this bank very quickly. This allows you to meet your immediate cash or credit card needs immediately. What’s more, the online facilities make it possible to do pre-application on the website.


What are the necessary documents you need to bring with you in the application process?

The most important documents you must have are address proof and ID proof. Of course, you have to bring some additional documents with you such as salary proof or a clean record. But the main documents can be listed as these two.

Can senior citizens have more interest rate for fixed deposit accounts?

Yes, they can. Senior citizens can take advantage of an additional % 25 interest rate for their fixes deposit.



Interest Rate


Customer Care


Online & Mobile Banking





  • Easy credit and credit card applications.
  • The bank is providing good loan opportunities with reasonable interests.


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